Our Teaching Materials

When teaching Phonetics, Phonology and IPS, we have to ensure that our students not only get a solid grasp of the phonetic sounds and symbols, but also practice relevant skills regularly both in lessons and at home. Therefore, we always require students to react instantaneously to the the phonetic sounds and symbols.

To achieve this, we have developed different levels of instructional materials, including textbooks, exercise books, song books, picture lyrics books, phonic story books divided into levels, hearing exercises, articulation exercises, various charts, flash cards, original songs, videos, teachers’ guides, parents self-learning kits, training courses, workshops, interest classes as well as seminars. Our materials follow the principles of Language Development Formula religiously.










【Phonic Sounds A-Z單拼音】自學教材一套共10件產品,原價$2,080,現只需$880!!

  1. 單拼音教學書 連CD
  2. 單拼音活動冊 連CD
  3. 一套6張CD 集(共62首原創兒歌)
  4. 點讀筆 Ting Pen (可用於任何Ting Pen 功能的書本)
  5. 1盒34張字母口形拼音卡
  6. 教材使用說明連教學影片
  7. [十天學好單拼音]學習時間表
  8. 60分鐘[音素啟發工作坊]
  9. 報讀英語拼音課程減免一堂學費
  10. 精美小書袋



  1. 教材由著名音樂人兼教育學者林慕德先生專業編製
  2. 歌曲專為香港小朋友而創作
  3. 透過專利有韻律的音樂學習,輕鬆零壓力
  4. 學習26個英文單拼音,了解英文字母與聲音的關係
  5. 複習英文字母的形狀
  6. 適合任何程度之初學者使用



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