Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn is a reputed composer, musician, record producer, educationist and philanthropist. Mr.Rumjahn has been Ambassador and Advisor to many English campaigns run by SCOLAR, QEF, NGOs and schools. He has had many media exposures, including being the host and content provider for TVB English education program “英語一定德” of “After School”.

Since 2000, his “PPI Musical Phonics” curriculums and programs that target at enhancing the speech and hearing sensitivity of children from an early age, have been widely accepted and are benefitting the childhood education sector of Hong Kong. This is an important skill and tool to learn languages efficiently and effectively especially for children who neither listen to nor speak English on an hourly basis.

Being a recognized composer and producer, he has created a series of catchy phonetic, phonic and thematic songs to teach the foundation of English. With the songs, children can acquire phonemic awareness as well as learn phonetics, phonology and vocabulary subconsciously and, moreover, pick up proper articulation skills and sound intelligence through mimicking. They can identify the difference between spoken syllables (dialects, accents or phonology) and written syllables (how the word is spelt with phonetics) as well as the integration of them. The curriculum also enhances the mother tongue whilst learning a second language, which is in line with the Hong Kong government’s aim to promote biliteracy and trilingualism (ie master written Chinese and English while speak fluent Cantonese, Putonghua and English).

His “Musical Phonics” Curriculum is recently recognized and endorsed by the London Teacher Training College (LTTC) and the English Pronunciation Proficiency (Musical Phonics) Certificate Examination has been established. Parents and schools, therefore, can have an international bench mark to indicate how well their children have learnt, regarding phonetics, phonology and international phonetics!