About MnS

MnS Language Academy is a language learning company and publisher which provides comprehensive and structured phonics teaching and learning programs for children, teachers, parents and franchisees. We also offer relevant professional training, assessments and qualifications as well as patented education materials.

Seeing that most of the popular phonics learning programs are designed mainly for English native speakers, the founder of MnS Language Academy, Mr. Mahmood Rumjahn, has developed “PPI Musical Phonics” for students who study English as a second language, which introduce phonetics, phonology and IPS systematically through music.

Our Vision

We believe that phonemic awareness and sound intelligence should be cultivated since early childhood, which is crucial to promoting biliteracy and trilingualism. Also, the acquisition of mother tongue and that of second language are inseparably interconnected. Thus, our curriculums intend not to undermine the value of mother tongue, but rather to enhance the mother tongue whilst learning a second language.